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Maui Web Design… Who to choose?

Looking for some help with Maui Web Design? If so, we have good news and bad news for you. We’ll start off with the bad news. There are lots of subpar “web guys” on Maui who are looking to make a quick buck off of clients who don’t know the difference between what they offer and what you can get from a full-service digital agency like Maui Internet Marketing. In the age of the internet, your business website is one of the most important assets of your company and great care should be taken with your website design and development to ensure that you have the highest quality website possible. There is a great deal of competition online and “good enough” is no longer an acceptable standard if you want your website to reach its full revenue-generating potential. Here are some tips to help you find the best web designer for your next project.

Maui Web Design Tip #1: Make sure you use a web designer who is optimizing your website to make sales and generate leads, not just to look pretty.

When you are interviewing your prospective web designers you should look at more than just the way the site looks. Website’s need to be much more than just a pretty page, they need to actually make sales and generate leads. Make sure you ask the following questions:

  • What will you do to optimize the site to maximize sales?
  • What will you do to optimize the site to get the greatest number of leads?
  • Is there any kind of automated follow up that is built into the website?
  • What will be designed into the site to help generate organic traffic from Google?
  • Will the site be a responsive design that will work for mobile and desktop browsers?
  • What kind of ongoing support is available after the site is launched?
  • Will the site be secured with an SSL certificate?
  • Will Google Search Console be configured for the site?
  • Will Google Analytics be configured for the site?
  • What kind of elements will you design on the website for SEO purposes?

The questions above will give you a decent idea of how thorough the web designer will be with your project. If the answer to any of these questions is “No” or “Nothing” that is a red flag which should immediately prompt you to continue your search for a reliable web designer elsewhere.

Maui Web Design Tip #2: Ask for proof.

Something you need to watch out for is what is known in the industry as a “Turn and Burn” website design company. Essentially what this is, is a company that is optimized to sell the client a low-quality website to make a quick profit instead of forming a long-term relationship. Some telltale signs of this is a very large amount of websites in their portfolio. Ask about what kind of results clients are getting from their websites and if you can contact their clients to verify that they had a good customer experience. If the web design company you are looking at is legitimate, this should not be a problem because they should already have many satisfied customers. Find a company that you can partner with for the long term to bring you results, not with someone who is just going to crank out a pretty site and they will never be seen or heard from again. Don’t make the mistake of not asking to see their website portfolio before you decide. While you are on their portfolio don’t just take everything at face value, make sure you take some time to look under the hood and kick the tires. Try dropping the URL of the site into a speed testing tool to see how well it is on the back end. Here are some free tools that you can use.

Google Page Speed Insights | Pingdom Page Speed Tester

Maui Web Design Tip #3: You get what you pay for.

Your website has the possibility to have the highest return on investment of any of your business investments so you should be focused on finding the best quality, not the best deal. Shave expenses off your budget elsewhere, your website is not a place where you should be cutting corners. A good website that will make you money will also cost money to build. Treat your website like you would any other long-term business investment. Vehicles are also expensive, but like a website they are essential so financing them is a common practice. If you can’t afford the full sticker price all at once, see what kind of financing options are available. Many companies (including Maui Internet Marketing) have in-house financing options available.

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